We challenged our students in our 1st Spelling Bee and the result were wonderful!

The last 19th February, the International Relations Bureau and the Language Centre held the event. We had a great participation of the students from all the programs, and all the community had the chance practice in a ludic way their English level and knowledge. 6 winners were awarded with great special prices. Don’t forget to participate in our events and to have fun, learning is always about having fun! 
Grupo A
1. Duvan Cortes 1er puesto
2. Andrés Santamaria 2do puesto
3. Damaris Amador 3er puesto
Grupo B
1. Nataly Rodríguez 1er puesto
2. Harold Fernando Camargo 2do puesto
3. Natalia Herrera 3er puesto 


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